How to Join the Kaltura Exchange

What Kinds Of Apps Are On The Kaltura Exchange?

A Wide Variety:

  • Plugins, skins, themes and language packs for our Video Player
  • Server-side extensions for our media management platform (Community Edition and SaaS or Enterprise)
  • CMS modules for Wordpress, Elgg, Joomla, Drupal, Sakai, Moodle, etc
  • 3rd Party Applications that add value such as transcoders, ad networks, syndicators, ecommerce solutions, and transcription services

For developers interested in developing plugins or skins for our Video Player, the Kaltura Dynamic Player version 3 (KDP3), or CMS modules, we have a few online guides available:

Gettting Onboard The Exchange

STEP 1: Get An Exchange Account

The first step in getting onboard the Exchange is to get an account. Getting an account only requires a valid email address. Click here to register for an account.

STEP 2: Create Your Application Listing

Once you have your account username and password, you can login to the exchange from the left sidebar of the Exchange site (just look to the left of this text!). You can then click on the "Add Your Application To The Exchange" link that is on the left sidebar. You can add as many applications as you like. Don't worry about making mistakes or leaving your entry incomplete. All entries are moderated and will not be publicly displayed until reviewed by Kaltura staff.

For each application listing, you'll need to describe your application, pricing, support information, and other details. You will also be able to upload additional marketing collateral to your listing in the form of screenshots, whitepapers, customer testimonials and other content to enrich the customer's understanding of what your application delivers.

STEP 3: Review and Refine

All apps must pass an Exchange review before they can be made public on the site. When you finish entering the information for your application and submit it, your app will automatically be entered into the queue for review, and you will be notified of the status of your app once the review process is finalized. The review process typically takes up to 5 business days.

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