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The Kaltura Exchange is your complete marketplace for video applications. Here you can easily find, test drive and install a wide range of applications built by our community of thousands of global developers and Kaltura employees. From subtitles to ad serving to pre-integrated CMS extensions, the Kaltura Exchange allows you to extend your online video programs.

Your Business Comes First

Why reinvent the wheel? The Kaltura Exchange provides existing applications - many of which are completely free - for a wide range of common needs like video advertising, annotations, player plugins and CMS extensions. Instead of dedicating time and resources to build an application on your own, you can easily install one from the Exchange, customize it for your specific needs and be up and running in a fraction of the time. This allows you to focus on innovating for your business.

Tap into the Community

The Kaltura Exchange allows you to leverage the great knowledge and talent of the Kaltura community to deploy the solutions that are most relevant for your business needs. You can see which applications have been most popular, read reviews from your peers, and share your own experiences.

Take a Dip Before Jumping In

Many of the applications on the Kaltura Exchange provide a "free trial" or a demo site where you can play around with the app and get a better feel of the details. Feel free to try before you buy. Oh, and by the way, many of the applications are completely free.

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