Kaltura Exchange – The Power of the Crowd

The Kaltura Application Exchange is a virtual marketplace for publishers, developers, integrators and web shops to “trade” in video applications related to the Kaltura open source online video platform. The Exchange is geared towards saving time and money for those looking to expand upon the core Kaltura platform for their own specific use case, and on the flip side to allow developers to publish and potentially generate revenue from their own Kaltura-related contributions.

At Kaltura we believe that advanced video functionalities should be readily available and accessible to any publisher. The open-source approach accelerates adoption and spurs innovation. Using Kaltura’s foundations, publishers can rapidly and cost-effectively enable a multitude of highly-integrated solutions for a wide variety of use cases and verticals. Unlike the alternative proprietary, closed-source solutions, Kaltura’s platform is completely flexible, extendible and starts at the base price of zero. For publishers this means that they pay less, get more, and hit the market sooner. For developers it means that they get a stable base to build upon, allowing them to spend their time and resources on true innovation. This all comes together and manifests itself in the Kaltura Exchange.

Web publishers, Value-Added-Resellers, system integrators and developers can build upon the Kaltura platform and publish their applications to the community, and publishers can leverage the applications in the Exchange to customize their own unique rich-media experience to fit their specific purposes, and seamlessly integrate with many popular content management systems./p>

What can I find in the Kaltura Exchange?

Applications in the Kaltura Application Exchange are split into several main categories:

  • Plugins, skins, themes and language packs for our Video Player
  • Server-side extensions for our media management platform (Community Edition and SaaS or Enterprise)
  • CMS modules for Wordpress, Elgg, Joomla, Drupal, Sakai, Moodle, etc
  • 3rd Party Applications that add value such as transcoders, ad networks, syndicators, ecommerce solutions, and transcription services

Kaltura Exchange Value Proposition

Fast Innovation

Save time and resources by leveraging applications that have already been created, you can focus on innovating for your business.

Community Counts

Tap into the wisdom of the Community - you can see which applications have been most popular, read reviews from the community, and share your own experiences.

Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Try applications out, play with them on the demo sites, and learn more from real experience before you dive in deeper. This will save you time and effort in determining what applications are right for you.

Gain Recognition and Generate Revenue

Submit your own applications, crowdsource with the community and create your own video applications that you can then offer to the community.

How do I get started?

If you are a publisher or integrator looking to find applications, try them out and potentially use and even purchase them, click here to learn more about how to evaluate and test drive the different applications in the Kaltura Exchange.

If you are a developer, system integrator or web shop looking to create applications, offer them to the community and even generate revenue, click here to learn more about how to create applications, post them to the Kaltura Exchange and monitor your application’s success.

Sample Kaltura Exchange Apps

PLYmedia Subtitles Plugin

The Kaltura Plymedia application allows web video publishers, broadcasters and other users to add subtitles and captions in any language to any type of web video, delivering a rich contextual multimedia experience.

Video Extension for Joomla

Kaltura's Video extension for Joomla makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source video platform to any Joomla site.

Video & Media Plugin for Elgg

The Video & Media Plugin for Elgg is an add-on to power the Elgg social engine with interactive video and rich-media capabilities.

TubeMogul Syndication

TubeMogul for Kaltura provides a premium syndication service at the most attractive pricing available. Seamlessly syndicate your content to over 20 video portals and more.

Adap.tv Advertising App

Adap.tv for Kaltura supports a wide variety of ad formats, ad sources, features and functionalities, allowing publishers to specifically target viewers with their ads, and generate high revenue.

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