Cinify Video Payment Platform

The best solution for monetizing your content! Cinify Platform includes over 300 payment service providers across 75 Countries. Now you can accept credit & pre-paid cards, direct debit, cash/e-cash, mobile payments and much more.


    300+ Localized Payment Options In 75+Countries

    Automatically selects top localized payment methods based on viewers IP address

    Global In-Player Payment Optimization

    Fraud & Chargeback Management

    24/7 Customer Support


Starting at 5.9% per transaction (based on volume).


Ever wanted to monetize your videos? Looking for a way to generate revenue quickly and easily for content? Well now you can! Cinify introduces its new Video Payment Platform (VPP). In just minutes you can turn your existing content into a long term source of revenue. Simply wrap your video links with our code and you’re ready to make money. The real advantage of the Cinify VPP comes with the user experience. From the beginning to the end of the transaction, users are given a seamless and intuitive payment experience. Our singular goal is to make it as frictionless as possible for all users to pay for video. Built into the interface is superior 24/7-customer support to resolve any issues that may arise. With the combination of our support, the myriad of payment options, security and fraud prevention, you will never miss a sale.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Payment Options

Using Cinify's PayRank program and SMART algorithm, our system is able to provide your users with the optimal local payment options ensuring neither they nor you are subject to exorbinant fees or taxes.

24/7 Customer Support

Cinify has a team available at all times so your customers can have their questions answered immediately.

Unmatched Payment Platforms

No matter if your customer wants to pay by mobile phone, credit, debit, prepaid cards, or bank accout, we'll provide the optimized payment solution so you can get the most from every transaction.

Fraud & Chargeback Management

Fraud and Chargeback Management covers a wide spectrum of events; whether it’s criminal malfeasance costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to an unsatisfied customer demanding a chargeback on a purchase of 99 cents, Cinify offers protection. 24/7 Support reduces Chargebacks by offering live assistance if friction or frustration arises. Whitelists, IP tracking, and secured servers help negate Fraud before it starts

Installation Guide

Q. How to sign up?
A. Go to and click on "Register" to sign up for new Cinify account.

Q. How to Load video from your Kaltura account to your Cinify account?
A. Login to your account and go to “Settings”. In settings section specify your Kaltura Partner ID, Kaltura Admin Secret Key and Kaltura User Secret Key. Then go to Video Page and press “Get Video” button on top of the page.

Q. Where to obtain my Kaltura Partner ID, Kaltura Admin Secret and Kaltura User Secret Keys?
A. To obtain you Kaltura Partner ID, Kaltura Admin Secret and Kaltura User Secret please login to your Kaltura Account. Go to “Settings” tab. And then go to “Integration settings” submenu. On this page you can find your Kaltura Partner ID, Kaltura Admin Secret and Kaltura User Secret Keys.

Q. How to setup free preview time?
A. Go to “Settings” menu. Navigate to “The video will be displayed for free within N seconds” field where you can specify free preview interval of videos. Free preview time interval will take effect on all of your videos with specified Price.

Q. How to add specified price to my video?
A. Go to “Video” menu. Find video you want to specify price for. Press Edit button next to desired video.
On this page you can specify price for your video in US dollars.

Q. How to add video to my website?
A. Go to “Video” menu. Press “Get Code” button next to the video you want to add. Pop up window will show up with HTML code inside. Copy and paste this code to your website.


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Cinify Video Payment Platform (VPP) includes over 350 payment service providers across 85 Countries. Now you can accept credit & pre-paid cards, direct debit, cash/e-cash, mobile payments, payments from kiosks, offers & more! Consumers from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia can choose from a variety of popular (as well as more unique) payment options that are specifically chosen for their region and regional payment characteristics and habits.
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