Cleeng is a robust & cost-efficient platform safeguarding Live concerts, sporting events, conferences, videos through PPV, subscriptions and reg-wall. Cleeng works for brands such as TEDMED, Conde Nast, Cirque du Soleil and more.


Cleeng is a powerful one-stop platform specialized in authentication, commerce and security solutions for premium videos. We help leading brands like IMG, Setanta, Equestrian Sports Network, TVN Chile, NHRA and hundreds of other broadcasters generate more engagement and revenue from their online video assets.

Thanks to our comprehensive authentication solutions & APIs, broadcasters can:
  • Easily authenticate users across devices
  • Learn about their viewers
  • Personalize and increase the experience and gain viewership intelligence

Our easy and fast-to-deploy scalable e-commerce framework means:
  • Easily set up a Live Pay-Per-View within minutes
  • Launch a SVOD service in one or multiple countries in no time
  • Capture specific viewer details

Cleeng offers multiple levels of security for your video content:
  • Automatic offer entitlement
  • Session control check
  • Forensic watermarking technology to prevent screen and stream grabbing (want to know more? Read here about Cleeng Tattoo)


Cleeng has two pricing options. The pay-as-you-go option is the most progressive option while Cleeng Enterprise License provides you with more advanced tools and reports to boost your business.

Please check our website for more details about pricing


Cleeng's straightforward monetization solution combined with Kaltura capabilities provide a very powerfull and affordable solution that can be deployed effortlessly in any organization.

Get a frictionless experience for your Video-On-Demand or global LIVE event by streaming pay-per-view, growing your conversion, and boosting your revenue with Cleeng and Kaltura.

Create a free account, and discover all the possibilities offered to better sell your videos.

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From leading media and entertainment websites to talented individuals, Cleeng helps generate more revenue per visitor by offering Kaltura's clients the most advanced e-commerce platform for videos and live events. Cleeng's award winning platform protects access to your videos, let consumers easily register and transact on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. You get extensive reporting, advanced promotional tools, and geo-restrictions. Cleeng safeguards live concerts, sporting events, conferences, other videos, and traditional online publications and offers great flexibility with the use of pay-per-view, subscriptions, metered paywall, coupons, and user data questionnaires. Cleeng works for many leading brands such as TEDMed, Cirque du Soleil, CondeNast, Epicurious, University of Massachusetts and hundreds of websites. Kaltura and Cleeng deliver the optimal Live streaming pay-per-view experience, as well as the flexible Video-on-Demand monetization tools (coupons, rentals, bundles, subscriptions...) for your video projects.
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