DAM Connector for Kaltura

DAM Connector for Kaltura enables video managed via the Picturepark digital asset management system to be published and tracked using the Kaltura video platform.


Picturepark users now have access to a world-class video platform while Kaltura users gain access to digital asset repositories used across the enterprise, and shared with partners and customers.

DAM Connector for Kaltura benefits:
  • Picturepark customers can use Kaltura to publish, stream and track source video that's managed in Picturepark
  • Kaltura customers can access digital asset repositories in use across the enterprise and beyond
  • Use Picturepark Adaptive Metadata schemas to track the metadata values Kaltura needs, without affecting other metadata layers used for corporate tracking, development management or licensing.
    Learn more: https://picturepark.com/kaltura


DAM Connector for Kaltura is available via commercial license. Installation costs vary according to system configurations.


DAM Connector for Kaltura works invisibly in the background of Picturepark. When users add a special tag to a video asset, the asset is transferred to Kaltura where it's rendered and made ready for streaming.

Links and embed codes are sent back to Picturepark where they become part of the asset's metadata record, ready for use in Sitecore, Kentico, SharePoint or any other content system integrated with Picturepark. Users can be notified via email when the video has been rendered and is ready for use.

Picturepark's Adaptive Metadata schemas ensure that all metadata fields required for Kaltura connectivity are provided only on those assets in use on Kaltura. This helps keep things simple for users.


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+41 62 836 40 40

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Support is provided by Picturepark or authorized Picturepark partners worldwide. Users should contact their support representatives or submit support tickets at https://picturepark.com/support

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Picturepark Digital Asset Management




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Picturepark develops digital asset management software that features Adaptive Metadata schemas that enable customers to better manage the entire content lifecycle. Based in Switzerland, Picturepark launched the world's first commercial SaaS DAM system, which has been in operation for more than 15 years. Available now in the Cloud and on-premise, Picturepark DAM software offers integrations with Sitecore, Kentico, SharePoint, Adobe Creative Suite, Kaltura Video Platform, YouTube, Dropbox, Microsoft Office and more.
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