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The new DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) from Google combines intuitive design, unprecedented insight, sophisticated algorithms and greater platform openness to bring a new level of intelligence and usability to ad serving.


  • Improve Sales Effectiveness Seamless integration with your video Content Management System (CMS) exposes your entire video library directly inside of DFP Video allowing instant insight into video inventory.
    Content awareness gives you the ability to package, forecast, sell and report on any set of videos, and create differentiated video ad selling opportunities.

  • Define The Ad Experience Set pre-rolls for clips, define pods and bumpers for long-form content, and turn off monetization entirely for subscribers without making a single player change.
  • Modify ad rules of any subset of inventory right within the interface without making any player changes.
  • Syndication Simplified Easily administer complex syndication relationships and content partner agreements with comprehensive partner and financial terms management functionality.
    Once revenue shares and financial terms for each partner have been defined, DFP Video models any scenario and takes care of all the accounting.
    At a glance, report on how much needs to be paid or invoiced to whom.

  • Efficient Delivery To All Screens And Devices Trafficking a video a takes just a few minutes, including transcoding into outputs that work on all devices including iOS and Android.


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Google's DoubleClick for Publishers™ (DFP) Video provides publishers with a platform to increase revenue from video advertising as well as manage costs. Fully integrated with DFP, publishers can now manage their entire display advertising through one platform, with video at its core.

DFP Video was built specifically for handling the complexities of video. Its efficient trafficking workflow is the result of hundreds of hours of usability testing to minimize clicks and eliminate unnecessary inputs. Backed by the infrastructure behind YouTube, the largest video site in the world, DFP Video delivers the scale and reliability to suit even the most demanding broadcaster.


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Google aims to make advertising better for users, advertisers and publishers. With Google media and platform solutions, advertisers can more easily reach the right audiences at scale and drive campaign performance. For publishers, Google provides access to technology, buyers and insights that help maximize the value of every impression.
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