Graymatics Video Indexing Platform

Graymatics' video indexing platform provides deep metadata from the videos that can be used for searching object and faces, inserting ads in the videos, screening of specific objects and themes within the videos.


The key features of our platform are:

Feature 1: Indexing of deep metadata from videos
Feature 2: Ability to search for specific objects and faces in the video
Feature 3: Training the platform for new objects and faces
Feature 4: Develop detailed user insights from the video metadata
Feature 5: Screen the video for inappropriate content


Pricing is based on a tiered volume of API calls made to analyze the videos. We can also provide subscription based pricing for private cloud implementation.


Graymatics provides a cloud-based highly accurate video indexing technology that is capable of recognizing contextual attributes embedded within images and videos. Our platform provides in depth indexing of images and videos with trained algorithms to identify objects and themes and classify them. Our machine-learning platform can be easily trained to recognize new product categories. Our platform can automatically build very specific personalized product content recommendations for your customers with contextual relevance by identifying specific attributes embedded in the images, audio and videos. A variety of customers including ecommerce companies, mobile carriers, internet and digital media companies are using our platform to better monetize their image and video content through content-based search, curation, and ad generation, enabling compelling web, smartphone and Smart TV applications.


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Graymatics is a Singapore & Silicon Valley-based company founded in June 2011, with initial financing from Citrix Systems and Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office/ National Research Foundation. Graymatics has developed the industry-leading, scalable cloud platform allowing for automatic real-time indexing, analysis and classification of videos / images with a suite of search, curation, recommendation and advertising tools. This allows content owners/managers including publishers, internet service providers, internet portals, ecommerce companies and mobile carriers to better monetize and organize their image and video content through content-based search, content-based curation, content-based advertising and also enable compelling web, smartphone and SmartTV applications. Many large carriers/ service providers, internet and digital media companies and security companies worldwide are using Graymatics’ platform

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