**Introducing Kajoo 2.0. Kaltura SaaS is now fully supported!ªª Kajoo is a set of extensions for the award-winning Joomla CMS which offer flexible interfaces to handle media assets stored on a Kaltura powered streaming server.


The key features of this application are:
  • Seamless functional and visual integration between Joomla and Kaltura
  • Custom fields and field types to create filters
  • Rights management and sales workflow
  • Configurable options at all levels of administration
  • Custom reporting and catalogues generator
  • Multiple Kaltura publishers
  • Mosern responsive UI
  • Flexible frontend templating
  • Works with Joomla 3.0 >


Kajoo comprises two editions.

The Lite Edition is released under the terms of the GPL v3, therefore free to download, install and distribute.
This edition does not support multi-publihsher, rights management and reporting.

In order to unleash the full potential of Kajoo, a subscription to the Full Edition is required. Purchasing a subscription plan entitles you to priority support, full documentation, free updates and all the features Kajoo sports, present and future.
Pricing starts at £49 / 12 months / domain.

None of the editions has any portion of the source code encrypted.


Kajoo is a set of Joomla extensions which offer flexible interfaces to handle media assets stored on a Kaltura powered streaming server.
The primary scope of Kajoo lies in the content distribution industry. As such, it largely extends on Kaltura's data handling capabilities in order to address very specific needs professionals in this area are faced with. All crucial aspects of advanced video management are covered, from ingestion to broadcast, rights management and the associated sales cycle. Rather than cramming the market with yet another take on UGC, we have decided to focus on developing a tool tailored to broadcast experts. Still, the basic workflow remains intuitive and friendly enough to be used by the hobbyist producer.
By seamlessly integrating the most popular CMS with the only enterprise-class open source VMS, we are attempting to bring video-on-demand to the next level. Through the sheer power of Joomla, Kajoo models new face for Kaltura.

Installation Guide

1. Get the latest version from here: http://www.freebandtech.com/extensions-joomla/34-kajoo
2. Download Kajoo
3. Install Kajoo normally from the Joomla Extensions Manager
4. Add at least one Kaltura publisher
5. Sync Kajoo with the Kaltura instance where your meda assets live


Application Specifications

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Kaltura Edition:


Kaltura version:


Kaltura API version:


A plugin of:


Available languages:


Prerequisites & Requirements

Kajoo requires the following:

- Kaltura 4.0+ CE or Kaltura SaaS
- Joomla 3.x
- PHP 5.3.x
- MySQL 5.1.x or MySQL 5.5.x
- Apache 2.2, Lighttpd 1.4.20+ or Nginx 1.2.x

Support Options

Support Phone:

+44 1273273247

Support Email:


Terms and Conditions:

Open Terms and Conditions

Support Details

Support is provided primarily through an online ticket system in a round robin fashion (first in, first served), although requests we deem exceptionally urgent take precedence in the queue.
We usually reply within 2 business days.
The phone line should be used mostly for pre-order inquiries.

Developer Resources

Source Code License

Source Code Repository

Additional notes from the application creator

Application Provider Logo

Provider Details


Freeband Tech Ltd.





About the application provider

Freeband Tech Ltd is a software solutions provider based in the UK. Although focused on New Media technologies, where online broadcasting platforms take the prime spot, many other areas of expertise are covered, from small web sites to mobile applications, enterprise-class appliances and scalable VPS hosting. At the very core of our company lies a team of experts whose combined experience spans over three decades. The powerful and versatile Joomla framework takes center stage in most of our development work.
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