Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery App

The Application allows publishers to quickly setup a gallery of pay-to-watch videos using PayPal


The key features of this application are:
  • Quick setup a gallery where the videos can be sold individually and/or through the channel subscriptions
  • Easy management of the content pricing, currency and category subscriptions from a simple user interface
  • Fast PayPal checkout experience which can be completed in as little as two clicks.
  • Easy to use Account Setup Wizard which allows to set up your gallery in few simple steps
  • Available in the source code
  • Elaborate documentation




Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery Application allows publishers to display all the videos on their Kaltura account and, using the included administration tools, configure their content library with payment options allowing customers to purchase videos through a simple, seamless user interface.

The application is built using the PayPal Digital Goods express checkout HTML5 library, Kaltura’s PHP5 Client Library and Kaltura’s Player, the Kaltura Paid-Content Gallery allows publishers to quickly setup a gallery where videos can be sold individually and/or through channel subscriptions .

Blog post : http://blog.kaltura.org/turning-profit-online-video-made-easy-using-paypal-html5-digital-goods

Installation Guide

To get started :

* Download the package from
and host it on your server:
* The Kaltura account is required or it can be opened at http://corp.kaltura.com.
* Upload your own content for the gallery to display any videos.
* Upon the first load of the home page, nothing will load because the account has not been set up yet.
* Click the Admin Account Wizard button and follow the instructions
* Login into the tool with your Kaltura credentials and you will be brought to a menu to get your account ready for use with the gallery.
* The tool has only four steps to follow . The last step which involves generating the kalturaConfig.php file is what will finally allow your video gallery to load but this should only be performed after all the other steps have been completed.
* The generated file will automatically be saved in the correct directory on your server but it will also become available as a download in case you want your own copy of the file.
* See ReadMe file for more details


Application Specifications

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Kaltura account

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About the application provider

Kaltura is the world's Leading Video Platform, providing video management, publishing, authoring, distribution and monetization solutions for media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers. Kaltura’s solutions power video for leading media companies such as HBO, WB, ABC and Disney, enterprises such as Bank of America, Texas Instruments and AstraZeneca, and educational institutions such as NYU, MIT, Princeton, UVA and Upenn. Kaltura also offers open source solutions, including Kaltura’s Community Edition Platform, as well as Kaltura’s HTML5 Video Library, supported by the Kaltura communities at Kaltura.org and HTML5Video.org.
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