Kaltura Player Pod for Adobe Connect by eSyncTraining

The Kaltura video platform pod for Adobe Connect allows users to incorporate videos seamlessly into real-time virtual meetings. Developed by eSyncTraining, a leader in Adobe Connect custom development.


Integrate the Kaltura Video Platform into Adobe Connect

The key features of this application are:
  • Enhanced Search: Find online content with both precision and speed. Quickly search through and select videos to play from your library, filtering results as they come.
  • Playlist Construction: Use and build your own playlists to minimize disengaging pauses, resulting in a more seamless meeting experience. You can use pre-constructed playlists or search through your Kaltura video library
  • Whiteboard Function: Use the video as a canvas using Adobe Connect’s Draw functionality! Zoom in on and mark up frames to go more in depth, point people toward nuances, and guide them to key information. When done, save the image for later use
  • Multi-device Capability: Your live meeting can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any connected device! Whether you’re using a computer, phone, or tablet, meeting participants can conference in in real-time
  • LMS Compatibility: The Kaltura Pod for Adobe Connect is compatible with major LMS systems, allowing for the direct loading of playlists from the Media Gallery within your LMS to the Adobe Connect meeting room


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Kaltura, a leader in Video Content Management, and eSyncTraining’s custom pod for Adobe Connect allows users to incorporate videos into virtual meetings in real-time, allowing for playlists of videos to be displayed, shared viewing experience, collaboration, and video annotation. Eliminates the previous issue of editing, converting and uploading videos with 100MB limitation inside Adobe Connect. Kaltura integrates with leading Learning Management Systems. eSyncTraining LMS partners include Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, and Sakai. Contact us to learn more about how you can combine the power of Adobe Connect, Kaltura, and your LMS into one seamless, fully-integrated program.

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Prerequisites & Requirements

Adobe Connect v9.4.2 or higher. Adobe v9.5.x is recommended.

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+1 800 348 6110

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eSyncTraining, a leading development partner for Adobe Connect, delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to help individuals and organizations build, connect and engage in a virtual setting. Working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, we build custom applications, tools and platforms that improve critical functions for our clients who are working in or moving to a virtual environment. We specialize in learning management systems (LMS) and interactive online applications including custom pods, API integration for Adobe Connect, and eLearning courses and training. Visit www.esynctraining.com to see the range of our LMS LTI integrations and custom pod offerings.
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