LiftIgniter Machine Learning Personalization

LiftIgniter is machine learning personalization. The technology predicts in real-time, per impression, what video to show to keep a user constantly engaged. Expect 80% improvements in engagement and time spent per user.


LiftIgniter is the only personalization system you will need to power every place you touch your users. For video specifically, we specialize in:
  • Guaranteed by contract improvements of at least 20% (averaging over 80%)
  • High traffic sites
  • High video inventory sites
  • User generated content (UGC)
  • Any language - we are language agnostic
  • Short and long-form videos
  • Business rules - you name it, our system can handle for ultra precise targeting
  • No special tags or metadata required
  • Optimized targeted of videos to each specific user


LiftIgniter prices based on usage. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale so that as your volume increases, your price per API call goes down.


LiftIgniter is machine learning personalization. Your users expect - without any effort - the right video, right now. Discovery and targeted recommendations are critical to success. LiftIgniter predicts in real-time, per impression, what video to show to keep a user constantly engaged. Expect 80% improvements in engagement and time spent per user.

True real-time machine learning runs nonstop and updates itself per impression so that the recommendations received by the user are always fresh and constantly reacting to the user's changing needs and requirements. Each action taken by each individual not only updates for them but for all users so that the system is always learning.

Integration takes hours, not days or months. Begin data collection and we take care of the rest. Total cost of ownership is low.

At LiftIgniter, we believe in results, not marketing. Run an A/B test POC we'll hit 80% improvements in engagement, CTR, conversion, shares or whatever else you want optimized with your users and videos.

LiftIgniter came out of Google's top machine learning research group. Our leadership was part of the core team that built out personalization on YouTube and then across Google.

This technology is now at your fingertips. Press a button and 24/7 machine learning begins. Every action a user takes receives an intelligent reaction to keep them constantly engaged.


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No prerequisites minus a requirement to have users and videos to show them!

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Our tech team stands by almost 24/7 to provide support to all users.

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Machine learning personalization. Per impression, real-time recommendations. Cold-start, brand new and return users should have a fully personalized experience that dynamically adjusts to their context and needs at that moment in time. LiftIgniter averages 80% improvement in engagement and CTR. We have never lost an A/B test and are excited to show you what we can do. Unlimited rules to promote any content, provide different experiences for different types of users and more. Our goal is simple: more engaged users = better experience = more ad and subscription revenue = less marketing money to attract new users = more shares = win for everyone. LiftIgniter works across device types: desktop, mobile (web & app), OTT and more. We work in every language. Tags are not required. Integration takes hours and results are clearly measured. The LiftIgniter team was part of the core group that built out the personalization that powers personalization across Google include YouTube and our success has pushed us onto billions of page views/mo. We are a machine learning first company where technology rules. Specialties: Video Personalization, Video Discovery, Video Recommendation Software, Analytics, Video Strategy, Audience Engagement.
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