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OpenX is the world's leading independent ad server. The integration between Kaltura and OpenX lets you create companion banners in the Kaltura player. The banner travels with the player through embedding and shearing.


OpenX is the world's leading independent ad server. It provides you with the simple tools you need to make money from advertising. The integration between Kaltura and OpenX enables you to create a companion banner in the Kaltura player. The banner travels with the player through embedding and shearing.



OpenX offers a free version or a paid Enterprise solution. Learn more about the OpenX OnRamp Edition or contact OpenX sales learn about the Enterprise Edition.


OpenX is available as a free OnRamp version or a paid Enterprise solution and enables managing, delivering and measuring the performance of the banner ads on your Kaltura Player.

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Easily manage your ad inventory.
OpenX OnRamp lets you organize and manage all of your ad inventory under one easy-to-use interface no matter how many websites you have.

Deliver what you want to whom you want.

With OpenX OnRamp, you can manage and target your ads any way you want. You can prioritize ads relative to one another, limit how often certain ads are shown, and target the most relevant ads to specific segments of your audience.

Measure the performance of your ads.

OpenX OnRamp comes with an extensive set of reports to provide comprehensive statistics on your websites and ad zones as well as your advertisers and ad campaigns.

Installation Guide

  1. Sign up for an account at You will need to create an "Ad Tag URL" in your OpenX account that you will use to configure ads for Kaltura.
  2. In the KMC, Go to the Studio tab and create a new player.
  3. Click on the Advertising tab and select "yes" on "Request ads for this player"
  4. Select Vast Ad Server from the "Ad Source" dropdown menu
  5. Scroll down to the "Ad Timeline" section and enter your "Ad Tag URL" from your OpenX account
  6. Configure other parameters as necessary to display the types of ads you want.


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    OpenX Ad Server
    Kaltura Account

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    +1 (626) 466-1141


    20 E. Del Mar Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105

    About the application provider

    OpenX, the world’s leading independent provider of digital advertising technology, enables businesses to maximize their ad revenue by combining innovative ad serving technology with one of the top ad exchanges. OpenX products, including the completely redesigned OpenX Enterprise, maximize publisher revenue by optimizing all revenue channels in one place. They also dramatically simplify ad trafficking, power real-time campaign management, and improve publisher data controls. APIs and plugins enable complete customization. OpenX Market--an ad exchange seamlessly integrated into OpenX ad servers--reaches over 450 million monthly unique users worldwide and processes over 30 billion impressions monthly. OpenX ad serving products are used by 200,000 websites in 100 countries and serve over 350 billion ads monthly.
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