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Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform powering personalized recommendations on premium publisher sites all over the web.


Do your videos need a little company? You can use the Outbrain Content Discovery plugin to get them some quality time with an interested audience… yours. Drive engagement with personalized recommendations to more videos without your viewers even leaving the Kaltura player. It's the easiest, most scalable way to get more video content in front of the audience most interested in watching them.

With Outbrain’s algorithmic approach to recommendations, you can:

  • Increase views and time spent with your videos
  • Bolster your premium inventory
  • Discover which assets are driving engagement and help your audience find more
  • Install it for free




With our unique approach to personalized recommendations, Outbrain helps your audience find content that is most interesting to them, resulting in more video views and longer engagement. It's easy to install in the Kaltura Management Console and integrates seamlessly with your video experience to power recommendations within the Kaltura player itself. Other benefits include:

  • On-page widgets with custom look and feel
  • Full support for mobile devices
  • Easy integration with HTML 5

Helping audiences discover more interesting content lies at the core of Outbrain’s mission: Why not help them discover yours? It’s a no-brainer. Learn more here

Installation Guide

Outbrain Plug-in Installation Requirements for Kaltura Players


There are two components to the Outbrain plug-in

  • Statistics: This plug-in collects and reports on video engagement data such as % of the video viewed (25,50,75 or 100%), number of in-line ads shown, average viewer length, etc. This piece helps us optimize and recommend videos (from both article pages and in-player).
  • Recommendations: This plug-in uses the Outbrain algorithms to display recommended videos. It offers custom recommendations per-user, leveraging the visitor’s behavior, the video’s content and the engagement data from the statistic plug-in (above).

Plug-in Installation Instructions:

Player customization

  • Log into the Kaltura Management Console and go to the Studio Tab
  • Pick the player and choose ‘edit’ under ’select action’
  • Add Plug-in information to the Player and Save

Under ‘Paste your plug-in line here:’ paste in the following:


(This is sample code; publishers will receive custom code from their Account Manager)

Each of the variables will be populated automatically in the “Key-value table” below.

Done! Test the player.

On-Page Requirements

The page itself must have an Outbrain Widget installed. This widget may be visible or invisible. It’s recommended to use a horizontal or vertical thumbnail widget in place of a ‘playlist’.


Application Specifications

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Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform powering personalized recommendations on premium publisher sites all over the web. With over 30 billion recommendations served each month, Outbrain is committed to helping publishers and brands reach their audiences more effectively with great content.
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