Prizma Video Engagement

Drive user engagement by offering the most relevant video content to your viewers. Enjoy higher view rates and increased time on site, with industry-leading engagement metrics.


Show the right video to the right viewer at the right moment. Again and again.

Our technology offers high-quality, relevant video recommendations for users and immediate monetization for partners, without the viewer ever leaving the Kaltura player.

We power video recommendations across all verticals, including: business, health, fashion, non-profit, leadership, sports, family, and entertainment.

Prizma enables business to:

  • Enhance their libraries with access to content from top publishers like Reuters, Meredith, and Discovery

  • Maximize views, return visits, and time spent watching your videos

  • Monetize videos using your own ad server or round out your inventory with premium programmatic

  • Analyze performance at a deeper level and make programming and advertising decisions with unprecedented efficacy

  • Leverage industry leading engagement metrics, averaging 5 times higher than other offerings

  • Enjoy a mobile-optimized experience out-of-the-box and a speedy, easy integration

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Prizma engages viewers with quality video that brands are proud to be associated with and audiences love. Unlike other recommendation engines, our proprietary algorithms enable us to deliver a more engaging video experience, driving views, repeat visits and deeper engagement with your content. 

Prizma's End Slate video recommendations respond to the viewer's context and preferences, providing a seamless stream of relevant content, maximizing views and attention time. Prizma delivers industry-leading performance that drives immediate revenue.  

Prizma is easy to implement, requires minimal overhead, and scales seamlessly.

Installation Guide

There are 2 easy steps to use the FEM recommendations plugin.
    1. Get in touch to get set up with Prizma
    2. Install the plugin everywhere your videos play.

    2. Install the plugin everywhere your videos play
    Once you've provided Prizma with a feed of your videos, install the following script wherever your player is embedded. The script must be placed after the Kaltura player script, ideally just before a page's closing </body> tag.

    Code needed to initialize the script:
    </script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    Place your Prizma Partner ID in the partnerID parameter. (Seriously, get in touch to get one!)


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Prizma Support is speedy, personal, and effective. The majority of customer tickets are answered within hours.

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Prizma is a venture-backed video recommendation and syndication startup. Prizma builds engagement by serving high-quality video content, using a recommendation engine based on scientific research around what motivates viewers to keep watching. Prizma thinks beyond the click, creating an ecosystem where everyone benefits: video creators, publishers, advertisers, and especially, viewers.
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