A self-use service for video professionals to add interactive effects including Hotspots, swf's, Forms and more to all types of production.


With Quicktvpro you transform your video from a statement into a dialogue with your viewers.

- Immediate viewer engagement directly within the video anywhere an embed code can be pasted or shared.

- Analytics with metrics on viewer engagements.

- Full interface with Kaltura: no downloading or encoding.

- A powerful, intuitive editor to set up styling and effects exactly as you want them.


Quicktvpro is now available completely free for one year for the first 500 accounts. Free account:
Unlimited access to the app. Unlimited publishing of interactive videos. Unlimited views. No obligation.
This offer won’t last so sign up now… See website for details www.quicktvpro.com.

Transparent Trader policy: no long-term contract, no hidden charges.


The Quicktvpro service is based on an online editor which is both powerful and intuitive. Simply link it to your Kaltura account, select one of your videos then use the editor to add clickable features. No encoding, no uploading, just more engaging video.

It works for many different types of video production, including:

Hotspots: Sell goods and merchandise directly from within the video.

Forms: Gather viewer data and subscriptions. Useful for training programs, to know who has complied. Forms can be require completion for the viewer to continue, or have a 'skip' button.

Voting: Great for editorial engagement and market research, this tool can also be used in training programs to establish trainee knowledge and

Chapters: Markers along the bottom of the video can be clicked-on to allow the viewer to navigate to a set point within the video.

Click-Throughs: Banners, Logos, Images and Text can link to url's, pdf's, other videos or any destination you choose, either full screen or as pop-ups.

Live: The interactive features supplied by QuickTV can be used on live as well as recorded video. Contact us to set up interactive features in your live event.

Analytics: Vital market data on viewer engagements and completed Forms.

With Quicktvpro you transform your video from a statement into a dialogue with your viewers.

Installation Guide

Quicktvpro is Software as a Service, so there is no downloading or encoding. Simply sign-up for a free, no-obligation account:

To add your Quicktvpro account to your Kaltura account, select 'New Video Host' in the Quicktvpro Manager, then select Kaltura from the drop down list.

You will then need to find your Kaltura api details. These are located by logging into your Kaltura Management Console and selecting 'Settings' then 'Integration Settings'.

Use 'account label' to give it a name, then copy and paste the Kaltura api details into the Quicktvpro form and click on 'Create Account'.

After a short while the videos from your Kaltura account will show in the Quicktvpro video list. Select one, make it a 'project' and make it interactive! Remember to click the 'Refresh Videos' button in the Manager section regularly to make sure that all new videos added to your Kaltura account appear in your Quicktvpro list of videos.


Application Specifications

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Kaltura Edition:


Kaltura version:


Kaltura API version:


A plugin of:


Available languages:


Prerequisites & Requirements

A device which supports a Flash player is needed to use the editor. All mainstream operating systems and browsers are compatible.
Interactive videos will function in Flash players and from September 2012 also in HTML5.

Support Options

Support Phone:

+44 8452994455

Support Email:


Support Forum:

Application support forum

Terms and Conditions:

Open Terms and Conditions

Support Details

A fully searchable help service can be found within the app and users are welcome to call or e-mail us at any time.

Developer Resources

Source Code License

Source Code Repository

Additional notes from the application creator

Application Provider Logo

Provider Details


Belldon Ltd





About the application provider

Belldon is a privately owned company based in the north-east of England. The company specialises in the production of apps for video content owners and producers. The first of these apps is Quicktvpro, a service for you to add interactive features to your video. A suite of tools, including Hotspots, Images, Text, Voting, Annotations, Forms and more are easily deployed with all timing, styling and functionality under your complete control. It is for all vertical sectors, including training, education and entertainment as well as e-commerce.
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