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Rev offers high quality captions for $1 per video minute, satisfaction guaranteed. Files under 30 minutes are turned around in 24 hours or less. No contracts, minimums or hidden fees.


Price: Rev has the lowest price for captions - $1 per video minute.

Quality: All captions are created by a highly trained domestic workforce capable of captioning challenging subjects and vocabulary. All completed files are reviewed by automated software checks and an internal QA team.

Speed: Files 30 minutes or less turned around in 24 hours or less. Each additional 30 minutes of file time adds one day of turnaround. For example, a 90 minute file will have a 3 day or less turnaround.

Simplicity: We don’t require you to talk to a salesperson or negotiate prices. All customers receive the our best pricing and service.

Service: If you have any issues with your order, just call or email us. We’ll make it right.

Technology: Our KMC and KMS integrations make it easy to send orders to Rev, and completed caption files are uploaded to the appropriate video.


Rev charges $1 per video minute for captions.

99% accuracy, satisfaction guaranteed.

No contracts, minimums or hidden fees.


Rev has integrations for both Kaltura Management Console and Kaltura MediaSpace.

Both integrations make it easy to send orders to Rev, and completed caption files are automatically uploaded back to the appropriate video.

Installation Guide

Both of our integrations will require a Rev account. You can sign up on - there’s no need to talk to a salesperson. You’ll need to enter credit card information to start placing orders, or you can request a corporate account and be billed monthly.

After creating a Rev account, you need to connect your Kaltura and Rev accounts.

To use our Kaltura MediaSpace integration, first you’ll need to install Rev’s KMS plugin, then you’re ready to start ordering captions in KMS.

To order captions in Kaltura Management Console, you just need to create a Rev tag and start tagging videos.

Application Specifications

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Kaltura Edition:

 , ,

Kaltura version:

 , , , , , ,

Kaltura API version:


A plugin of:


Available languages:


Prerequisites & Requirements

You’ll need a Kaltura account and a Rev account to use or integrations.

See the “Installation Guide” section for more information.

Support Options

Support Phone:

+1 415 656 8973

Support Email:

Support Details

At Rev we pride ourselves on providing superior support. Call or email any time - no question is too small.

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About the application provider

Founded in 2010, Rev is a San Francisco based company with the mission of making hiring freelance workers as simple and easy as purchasing an item from Amazon.

Our caption work is done end-to-end by a highly vetted domestic workforce. Rev invests a significant amount of time and effort in building great software that allows our freelancers to work quickly and effectively. This allows us to deliver high quality captions at an attractive price.
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