ShareInsights is a big data analytics solution which is integrated with Kaltura video platform to give you actionable insights into usage and performance of your content.


The key features of this application are:
  • Supports both structured and unstructured data
  • Enables ETL and analytics to run natively on Hadoop
  • Executes end-to-end big data analytics through a single flow file. By editing the file, you can easily integrate data from different sources, build new analytics pipeline and interactive dashboards.
  • Supports more than 50 widgets to build dashboards.
  • Fast and responsive widget interactions.
  • Large engineering team to ensure prompt support and continued enhancements to the platform for customer.


- Free for limited use and evaluation
- Contact for pricing for customization


ShareInsights generates actionable insights, that can help you understand how well your content is doing on Kaltura video platform. It analyses data from Kaltura CMS and provides performance matrix that gives you information such as what videos are watched, on which devices and browsers and how long users watch each video. You can even overlay data from other video portals, and get the aggregated insights into content usage and performance across all content portals.

Installation Guide

Depending on the on premise or cloud version of Kaltura in use and some other factors, we will help you select the right deployment model. The preferred model is that once contacted and data access & business discussions have completed, we will light up a cloud instance.


Application Specifications

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Kaltura Edition:

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Kaltura version:

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Kaltura API version:


Available languages:


Prerequisites & Requirements

You should have or should be planing to use, the Kaltura Content Management System as part of your enterprise. The shareInsights instance for you enterprise can be instantiated in the public cloud or in your private cloud based on your preference.

Support Options

Support Email:

Support Details

Various support SLAs will be discussed with a customer ranging from the support level for the free offering to the more premium offerings. The support in line with signed on SLA will kick in once their share insights instance is instantiated.

Developer Resources

Source Code License

Source Code Repository

Additional notes from the application creator

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Persistent Systems Limited




About the application provider

Persistent Systems builds software that drives customers' business; enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation. Persistent Systems has expertise in the field of Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Social Computing and a vast realm of various domains. We are in business for 24 years. 14 out of the 20 largest technology companies in the world are our customers. With a strength of 8000+ employees, we have locations in 23 cities across 3 continents. For more information, please visit:
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