SpeakerText blends technology and human intelligence to provide fast, accurate captions and transcriptions at affordable cost. Our technology splits videos into clips for parallel processing done by our trained and dedicated cloud workers.


SpeakerText blends advanced technology and human intelligence to provide fast, accurate captions and transcriptions at a low cost. Our technology splits video and audio recordings into 10 second clips and dispatches them to thousands of trained and dedicated cloud workers for quick, accurate transcription. While conventional transcription services typically require at least 24 hours to transcribe a video, SpeakerText can complete the transcription process in as little as three hours.

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The key features of this application are:
  • Smart algorithm that slices content for fast processing
  • Curated and managed workforce guarantees high quality and fast turnaround
  • Blending smart technology with smart people allows us to scale SpeakerText to meet your needs
  • Flexible RESTful API to support fluid data transfer
  • Gain transparency through our dynamic reporting dashboard
  • Timestamped captions to easily jump to desired clip
  • Interactive captioning with quick sharing feature
  • Engages viewers with better user experience
  • Easily connect to your Kaltura partner account and captions will be pushed back to your video entries in Kaltura
  • Bulk upload of videos for transcription
  • Supports multiple formats for transcripts such as DFXP and SRT

SpeakerText blends technology with smart people who are trained on the needs of your business. We provide an agile solution that is flexible in meeting your needs regardless of content volume. You can also manage and analyze performance, costs, and business rules through a single interface.

  • Unparalleled control and visibility
  • Agile production line flexible enough to meet your volume needs
  • Trained and managed workforce


Pricing is based on the minutes of video/audio that is processed.

Discounts are available for education clients, non-profits and bulk purchases.

Call 1-888-809-0229, or visit us online for details.


SpeakerText accelerates processing time while providing high quality video transcription. Our paper-shredder like technology splits video files into 10-second clips before dispatching them to thousands of trained and dedicated cloud workers. SpeakerText’s shredded clips are assigned to a hand-picked, closely managed workforce as opposed to anonymous workers used by others. This ensures control over the process and fast, accurate video transcription.
Audiences no longer need to scan an entire video to find the information they seek. SpeakerText’s interactive caption plugin, CaptionBox, has advanced playback capability making it easy for viewers to find and even share specific moments from your videos.
SpeakerText integrates with leading publishing platforms through a flexible API providing for the seamless transfer of data that accelerates the publishing process.

Installation Guide

To connect your Kaltura library, you will need to provide SpeakerText a couple of tokens associated with your Kaltura account. The tokens are used to authenticate with your Kaltura account. Once connected, media from your Kaltura library is automatically synced with SpeakerText. From there, ordering transcripts can be done with just a few clicks. When SpeakerText is done transcribing your videos, the caption files will be automatically posted back to your Kaltura account.

  • Log in to your SpeakerText account and go to the library page: http://app.speakertext.com/library
  • Click on the plus icon to link with a new library.
  • Select Kaltura from the list of supported platforms.
  • You will be prompted to provide a Partner ID and Administrator Secret for your Kaltura account. Fill in the necessary tokens.
  • To locate your Kaltura tokens, Log in to the Kaltura Management Console. Navigate to Settings --> Integration Settings. The Partner ID and Administrator Secret are located in the top left panel.

After a successful authentication, a Kaltura icon will appear in the list of linked libraries. Content from Kaltura is automatically synced to your SpeakerText Media Library. Also, when necessary, you can always re-sync by hitting the refresh icon.
To order a transcript, simply select the videos you would like to transcribe and click the Checkout Now button to complete the order.

When the transcript is ready, the caption file in SRT format is posted back to your Kaltura account and automatically associated with the appropriate video entry.

Application Specifications

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Prerequisites & Requirements

  • Kaltura Partner account
  • SpeakerText account

Support Options

Support Phone:

+1 888 809 0229

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Terms and Conditions:

Open Terms and Conditions

Support Details

When contacting us by email or phone, make sure to include your SpeakerText User ID. If you are trying to looking into a specific transcription job, referencing the ID of the job or the video title will help us locate the job quicker.

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