Tablika - Mobile Platform - Distribute videos in apps with no coding

Tablika Mobile Platform enables organizations to create mobile apps with no coding and integrate it with various data sources (i.e. video, text, image, databases, etc.) on internal or external systems.


With Tablika’s Kaltura Integration organizations can:
• Create Mobile Apps without coding

• Search the Kaltura Video Library with personal credentials

• Easily drag & drop selected videos

• Create Mobile Apps with Kaltura Video in conjunction with Text, Images, Forms, Web url’s and local device services including Microphones, Cameras and Bluetooth

• Create and add thumbnail video lists to mobile apps

• Create Public and Private App Spaces to Define App Access and Approval Workflows

• Deploy a company branded Tablika MArketplace to access public and private apps in Apple Apps and Google Play Stores.

• Access detailed reporting and analytics about app usage

• Secure Mobile App Content and Delivery


Annual SaaS pricing. Deployment options are SaaS, On prem, Hybrid


Tablika enables organizations to expand into mobile and roll-out new mobile services on Smartphones and Tablets – fast. With quick and flexible rendering of information on mobile screens plus extensive back-end integration capabilities, Tablika leverages the investment in current IT infrastructure – so you can focus on business innovation, while mitigating risk and cost to move forward.


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Tablika is a cloud-based collaboration mobile platform which enables anyone and everyone to create apps - with no coding. By using templates, drag-n-drop and point-n-click, created apps are published to Tablika Marketplace with one click. Tablika can be used to create new business apps by connecting to different sources of data (documents, videos, etc.) or simply used for personal or professional apps. Use Tablika to bring collaboration to your team or customers for continuous productivity and engagement.
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