Thearit: Visual Learning and Communications Plugin for Kaltura

Enhance your Kaltura instance with Thearit, a media-centric website with a research-based learning interface that allows you to curate, launch, engage, monitor, and measure campaign effectiveness.


Curate videos, photos, audio, documents, diagrams, maps – that are found online and on your computer and present the content in an engaging manner. Use curated pages to support learning and training inside and outside of the enterprise.

The key features of this application are:
Featured media (e.g., video, audio, images, docs) can be uploaded from one’s computer, found online (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, images, docs), or in the cloud.

Social features. Users can have moderated discussions related to individual posts, email content to others, and share links on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Curators can push content out to social platforms.

A widgetized platform. Curators are able to easily produce multiple widgets that feature different types of content, make widgets private or public, and embed the widget code in different platforms (e.g., website pages, LMSs).

Multiple viewing modes. Content can be displayed in four different viewing modes: 1-window, 2 window, 4-window, and Wall viewing modes.

Place content side by side. The 2 and 4-window viewing modes enable people to place content side by side. This is designed to support comparing and contrasting.

CRM features. Learn more about users who subscribe to your content through social media platforms.

Dashboard. View analytics related to engagement, social monitoring, marketing, and campaign effectiveness

Profiles. Users login through a social platform and create profiles. Logging in enables people to participate in discussions, follow topics, bookmark posts, and view search histories.

Customizable. The platform is customizable to include corporate logo, wordmarks and color schemes, your terminology, your content, your domain name, your layout, and your features.

Platforms. Content can be viewed on the web, tablets, and phones.

Video in and out points. Select video in and out points and associate tags and topics with specific segments.

Take Action. Ask users to take specific actions (e.g., attend an event, join a group, enroll in a course, donate).

Based on Learning Theory. Thearit is supported by Cognitive Flexibility Theory, a theory about how new media might help people develop a deep understanding of content and prepare people to select, adapt, and combine knowledge and experience in new ways to deal with situations that are different than the ones they have encountered before.

1. The Michigan State University Alumni Association (MSUAA) is white-labeling Thearit Social CM, because it wants to engage with alumni around things that are happening at MSU, increase exposure of MSU programs, promote research dissemination across campus, and support classroom and online instruction.

2. The Michigan State University Museum is using Thearit to promote an exhibit about how Silent Spring and MSU are connected

3. Michigan State University Horticultural Professor Jim Hancock is using Thearit a way to flip the classroom and better connect with young students around new media.


Commercial application sold by Venturit.
Contact Venturit for details: 1-866-400-5686
For a free trial go to


Thearit is designed to complement Kaltura, since Thearit can be the learning and Social CM interface of Kaltura. Thearit uses the Kaltura platform to store media assets. We use a Ruby client plugin. Thearit public interfaces have great flexibility, since they can be embedded into LMSs and websites, and integrated with LMSs, such as WordPress and Drupal.

Installation Guide

To retrieve Partner ID and Administrator Secret code within Kaltura:
1. Log into Kaltura Management Console
2. Click on Settings tab
3. Click Integration Settings sub-tab
4. Partner ID and Administrator Secret are listed under Account Info

After the Partner ID and Administrator Secret code has been added to your Thearit account you will be able to start curating, publishing, and monitoring content.


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About the application provider

Venturit is an Information Technology consulting firm based in East Lansing, Michigan. Venturit has extensive experience building web and mobile applications, including complex databases, for groups in the private and public sectors. The Venturit team includes seven programmers, a designer, and two project managers. Venturit’s Chief Software Architect has over two decades of experience in the industry and its VP of Products has a PhD in Educational Psychology and Learning Technologies from Michigan State University. Venturit leverages technologies and frameworks, such as Ruby/ Ruby on Rails (ROR), Node.js, PHP/WordPress, Java/Spring, .NET/Spring.Net, Python/Django, JavaScript/JQuery, iOS and Android to develop applications. The Venturit Approach Venturit applications are interactive and social in a manner that is accessible, reflective of the complex nature of content and informed by theories of learning and design, consistent with the task at hand. Our innovative technologies have supported projects in multiple domains and put the company on the cutting edge of new developments.
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