Tikclone: Second Screen Feature Plugin

Tikclone plugin makes it easy to add second screen feature to any website. It helps publishers enhance user experience, drive deeper engagement and increase revenue. It enables consumers launch video on TV instantaneously.


Tikclone plugin makes it easy to launch TV experience to any website.

Tikclone platform enables publishers:
  • Launch TV experience, out-of-the-box, without any additional development.
  • Enhance user experience by adding second screen feature instantaneously.
  • Increase monetization with new distribution channel.
  • Provide connected experience to consumers.
  • Drive user engagement across multiple screens.
  • Tikclone plugin enables consumers launch video on TV using smart phone, tablet or PC. Enjoy content on multiple screens.
  • Tikclone plugin is very easy to integrate, no overheads.




Tikclone enables second screen feature to any website.
Tikclone engages consumers with high quality experience across multiple screens. Our platform delivers deeper engagement. Tikclone plugin makes it easy to launch video on TV from website using smartphone, tablet or PC.

Tikclone helps publishers increase monetization, increase user traction and increase revenue on TV. With help of Tikclone, publishers can save incremental cost of TV application development on various brands. Tikclone provides branding support on TVs.

Installation Guide

Please contact Mktg@tikclone.com for details.


Application Specifications

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Kaltura Edition:

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Prerequisites & Requirements

You must have Tikclone publisher account. Please contact Mktg@tikclone.com to initiate request.

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About the application provider

Tikclone helps publishers add a second screen feature to their website. Using Tikclone plugin end users will be able to launch content on TV instantaneously. It helps enhance experience and increase monetization by adding TV as a new revenue channel.
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