Tinypass Content Access Management

Tinypass is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps sites charge for content. Using Tinypass sites can control access to their content and set pricing and business rules while making purchases easy and consistent for consumers.


The Tinypass platform includes a constellation of functions that enable businesses to charge for content on their own sites, provide a great payment experience, capture comprehensive customer data, acquire new regular customers, and maximize revenue.

Key features include:
  • Data & Analytics
  • Audience Payment Experience
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Access Control
  • Payment Management
  • Digital Wallet


We make money by deducting a small percentage of each transaction that's processed by Tinypass. Our system is purpose-built to maximize the revenue you earn while minimizing the fees you pay. In most cases, you'll get all of the services that Tinypass offers and still keep more revenue after fees than you would if you built your own system for processing transactions directly through PayPal or the major credit cards.


Tinypass was built to be a single source for charging across all models and media, so that you can optimize your revenue and provide the best possible user experience. Unlike competing solutions, it’s not just for subscriptions, but also for pay-per-view; not just for recurring subscriptions, but also micropayments. Digital media trends move fast. With Tinypass, you’re able to adapt and optimize your pricing strategy to suit your audience and your business.

Tinypass’ API-based service easily integrates with existing Web infrastructure. In addition to our Java, .Net, and PHP APIs, we also have plug-ins available for leading CMS platforms. Whether employing our APIs or CMS plugins, content providers can be up and running with Tinypass in a single day. No additional database or server resources are required to use Tinypass, and our smart integration ensures that publisher’s servers are not burdened with additional traffic load.

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A Tinypass account is required to enable content payment services. Signup here: https://tinypass.com/home/login

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Tinypass is an e-commerce platform for digital content that enables simple and secure transactions for web and mobile content. Using our service, sites of any size can directly sell content in a variety of ways – pay per view, subscriptions, single purchases, etc. - all while providing a great user experience.
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