TVRunway Visual Search Engine API

Shoppable video doesn't work. Search does. TVRunway is a visual search engine women use to id clothes in your streaming videos. Without tags, machine learning matches what they select with 300+ retailers’ inventories for real-time results.


New revenue stream at no cost to you
100% scalable across all videos on your site
Integration takes 5 minutes--it's a simple copy/paste
Current partners see a 20-25% increase in site traffic after installation


Free. We actually pay you.


Shoppable video doesn't work. Search does.

Traditional shoppable is outdated & inefficient. The upfront time & cost involved means the entire process is not scalable. Information has to be gathered months ahead of time. Multiple departments have to be involved. And then what happens when the item sells out?

TVRunway's visual search engine uses computer vision to identify women's clothing worn in videos on your site. Comparative algorithms then match this information to what 300+ popular retailers have for sale to find the best item available today. It's an API, so integration takes 5 minutes. And machine learning means full scalability. To quote The Boston Globe, "The technology works."

Installation Guide

Paste 5 lines of connector code we'll give you on the webpage where your Kaltura code lives. That's all you have to do.


Application Specifications

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Prerequisites & Requirements

TVRunway gets along best with html5 sites (Kaltura is an html5 based player, so if you're reading this, you're fine). TVRunway also goes well with Flash used for pre/mid-roll. If you use Flash another way, let’s talk.

Support Options

Support Phone:

+1 857 288 8748

Support Email:

Support Details

Installation for out-of-the-box players (such as Kaltura) is free. For proprietary players or non-standard uses (ex, iFrame), let’s talk.

Developer Resources

Source Code Repository

Additional notes from the application creator

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About the application provider

TVRunway is a visual search engine that allows women to find the clothes from online videos without editing or tagging the original video in any way. Instead, TVRunway's API uses machine learning algorithms to match any selected item with 300+ retailers' current inventories, providing real-time, in-player results. TVRunway does not charge video distributors; rather, distributors get paid part of the retailer's participation fee.
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