Video Conference Content Management Solution

The integrated Vidyo/Kaltura solution allows transparent replication of recorded content between the Vidyo Conferencing Record and Webcast appliance and the Kaltura Platform.


VidyoReplay™ is an easy-to-use recording and webcasting appliance that enables users to watch a multipoint, high quality and low latency video conference via their web browsers, either in real-time or at any time after the conference.

The key features of this application are:
  • Recording and webcasting of HD quality, low latency, multipoint video conference
  • Familiar browser based securely encrypted viewing of the recording – no client required
  • Simple management allowing profile definition for resolution, bit rate, frame rate, bandwidth, layout, number of participants
  • Ease of integration with Kaltura Content Management and Publishing solutions.
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VidyoReplay - Kaltura integration demo and pricing options are available upon request.
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The integrated Vidyo/Kaltura solution allows transparent replication of recorded content between the VidyoReplay library and the Kaltura Platform. The Conference recordings are populated in the Kaltura system, processed and managed according to the enterprise needs and are made available to viewers worldwide through a YouTube-like video portal, enabling users to access and watch the recordings anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Leveraging Kaltura’s robust media management capabilities and flexible APIs, the enterprise can also integrate the whole Vidyo recordings archive into existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) applications in use by the enterprise, including SharePoint, Blackboard and more.

Based on moderation and access control rules set by administrators, end users can now retain full control of their recordings, share links to recordings and search through the archive.

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1. VidyoPortal:
2. VidyoRouter:
3. VidyoDesktop:, or;
4. VidyoMobile:, or;
5. VidyoRoom:

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