Video Package for Moodle

Easily add video and rich-media functionalities to your Moodle site. This plugin handles content management, syndication, monetization, transcoding, uploading, importing and more.


Kaltura’s Video Package for Moodle 2.x enables you to easily add video and rich-media functionality to your Moodle site. The plugin handles every aspect of video and rich-media, including content management, syndication, monetization, transcoding, uploading and importing – it’s simple to install, customize, and use.

You will instantly enhance the course experience with video presentations, video assignments, video-centric forum posts, wikis, announcements, quizzes, and other video resources that will enable improved student engagement, creativity, and learning results.

  • Upload any type of media (video, audio, images) using a simple interface
  • Videos from lecture capture systems, libraries, and live events can easily be added
  • Create and publish screencasts including audio and webcam. Record and share lectures, presentations, and more
  • Add video to assignments, tests, quizzes, wiki pages, forums and more. Simply launch the file-picker from the Moodle Media button and upload new media, or use existing content.
  • Users can create synchronized video presentation with slides
  • Instructors can create, review, and grade video assignments
  • Advanced access management and digital rights management features
  • Each Moodle user has a Personal "My Media" area for viewing, searching, sharing, and reusing content across courses
  • Institutions can set up a faculty repository for reusing media from various courses across the institution
  • Allow students and faculty to playback videos anywhere - playback supports both Flash and HTML5 for mobile and tablets, including both iOS and Android devices. Kaltura also provides a fully compliant player with ADA section 508.
  • Gain visibility into media consumption, users and usage: Instructors - understand how media is being used in your course with engagement reports. Administrators - view cross-course, user level reports, as well as summary reports on overall usage and viewing trends in the system


Paid /Free

Trial includes 10GB free hosting and streaming
  • Paid hosted version. To learn more about our affordable packages contact us or call +1 (800) 871-5224
  • Free self-hosted solution. Connect your Kaltura Video extension to the Kaltura Community Edition. Learn more and download the Community Edition.


    The plugin allows Moodle site-builders to handle every aspect of video and rich-media.

    Using the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle, teachers can upload and manage rich-media content, such as full lectures in an online course, as well as publish videos in places where media wasn't easily accessible before such as forums, wikis, surveys, quizzes, etc; students can then post video comments, ask questions and create a face-to-face discussion recorded directly from their webcam or other sources. The extension also includes Kaltura's Screen Recording widget, which allows you to create and publish screencasts of lectures, presentations, and more including audio and webcam and the Kaltura Video-PowerPoint Widget, which presents a video and a slideshow in full synchronization. All users can reuse content in all courses where they are enrolled, as well as allow their content to be available for publishing by other users in those courses.

    Hosting & Streaming Options

    Kaltura Hosted Solution – Free Trial and Affordable Packages
    When you sign up with Kaltura you get 10GB free hosting and streaming using Kaltura’s world-class CDNs and hosting facilities.
    For more information on our packages beyond 10GB, please contact us.

    Self-Hosted Solution
    You can also connect your Kaltura Video module to the Kaltura Community Edition - the self-hosted, community supported version of Kaltura's Open Source Online Video Platform – all behind your own firewall and on your own servers for free.
    Learn more and download the Community Edition.

    Installation Guide

    See the Moodle Extension Page for details on obtaining and installing.
    Or signup for a free trial

    Application Specifications

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    Prerequisites & Requirements

    Download and install the Moodle LMS system on your server (download files and installation instructions can be found on Once you have installed Moodle, the Moodle system is located in the “/moodle” folder under the document root

    Download the Kaltura extension files and extract the files from the archive

    Support Options

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    1200 Park Avenue, South Suite 1516 New York, NY 10003

    About the application provider

    Kaltura is the world's Leading Video Platform, providing video management, publishing, authoring, distribution and monetization solutions for media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers. Kaltura’s solutions power video for leading media companies such as HBO, WB, ABC and Disney, enterprises such as Bank of America, Texas Instruments and AstraZeneca, and educational institutions such as NYU, MIT, Princeton, UVA and Upenn. Kaltura also offers open source solutions, including Kaltura’s Community Edition Platform, as well as Kaltura’s HTML5 Video Library, supported by the Kaltura communities at and
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