It’s easy to make a video with Videolicious. With your phone or tablet, just choose your shots and Videolicious does the rest—giving you professional-quality video in seconds, without the work.


VIdeolicious is the

The key features of this application are:
  • The Key Features of our platform are:
  • Mobile Video Creation
  • Easy Video Editing
  • Automatic Kaltura Publishing


Annual Subscription. Contact us for more pricing.


Videolicious is an automatic video creation platform for iPhones and iPads. Our customers - including major brands like The New York Times, Bed Bath and Beyond, Century 21, Hearst Corporation, Meredith, Advance Digital, Time Inc, and others - use Videolicious to empower their employees with the ability to create sophisticated social content marketing videos, in just seconds: https://videolicious.com3

With Videolicious, anyone can create branded videos for Facebook and digital media - complete with graphic logos, interview clips, b-roll and licensed music - all on your iPhones, and you don't need to know anything about video editing. With a Videolicious Enterprise License, the entire organization can quickly and easily create videos around global events and promotions, then have them instantly uploaded to your social content marketing team, who can approve and publish videos using our back-end dashboard.


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With millions of users across leading brands, Videolicious makes it easy for your team to grow your business with powerful social videos. Whether it’s an event video for Facebook and Twitter, a series of how-to videos for your content marketing campaign, or customer testimonials at your conference booth, our patented, fully mobile, automatic video editing technology makes video creation faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.
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