WebTView Video Platform

The WebTView Video Platform provides a unique set of capabilities for content providers, service providers and Consumer Electronics vendors that would like to distribute paid or free video content to a range of connected devices


The key features of the WebTView Video Platform are:
- Built-in web crawler for video feeds
- Content ingestion
- Subscriber management
- Device management
- Content discovery (browse, search and recommendation engine)
- Content monetization - geo-filtering, PPV, subscription and ad-based


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The WebTView Video Platform provides a unique set of capabilities for content providers, service providers and Consumer Electronic (CE) vendors that would like to distribute video content to a range of connected devices – Internet-enabled TVs, Digital Media Players, Personal Computers, Tablets or Smartphones.
WebTView Video Platform is an open, scalable and modular approach, which enables multiplatform support for managed video content, whether this is publicly available syndicated videos that were discovered from the Internet by the built-in web crawler or premium content that was ingested into the platform using its sophisticated content management tools.

Web crawler
The WebTView Video Platform includes a web-crawling engine, which is capable of video content dynamic discovery. This engine runs in an ongoing basis as it automatically discovers and classifies publicly available syndicated video content. Any change, including change in video feed location, deleted video, additional video or metadata update (e.g. title, description and category) is detected and updated by the engine. Additional information including related pictures (e.g. channel’s logo, video thumbnails) are saved as part of the metadata or generated as part of the dynamic discovery process. Video-related information such as video resolution, video CODEC, video container, audio CODEC as well as other parameters are extracted from the video itself and are stored in the catalog. Textual information is added as well in order to let end-users to easily search for the video they like. The discovered videos are stored in the catalog as episodes, while the containing syndication is stored as feeds. The publishers are stored as tags called ‘studios’.

Content ingestion
The WebTView Video Platform is designed for multiple content sources. In order to easily ingest video content into the system or to update the catalog, the platform includes management tools that empower third party content providers to safely and securely ingest content. The web-based content management application is managed by a supervisor that can manage the application’s users, both administrators and content managers.
Using the platform's content management application, content managers can define and manage video channels by applying sophisticated rules to build dynamic and/or static channels. Content managers can also enrich content metadata with additional information.

Subscriber management
The WebTView Video Platform is designed to support multiple screens used by multiple subscribers that are authenticated by the system. Parental content can be applied as need using sophisticated content filtering and PIN protection. The platform saves critical subscriber data, which allows support to easily identify problems and resolve them. The platform's administrator can disable or enable subscribers in a single click.

Device management
The WebTView Video Platform supports multiple device types connected to the same server. Videos with formats that are not supported by specific devices will be filtered for these devices in order to reduce user frustration. Devices are authenticated by the system and can be easily added, removed or disabled by the administrator.

Content discovery
One of the great features of the platform is content discovery. UX developers can apply the platform REST API in order to design exciting dedicated user interfaces, while using the same API in order to enable: browsing content through categories, languages and publishers, search with or without filtering, most viewed content, content recommended by admin and algorithm-based recommendation engine according to subscriber preferences.
In addition, subscribers can create dynamic or static personal channels (mix of videos) that can be shared with their friends, tag favorite channels or even share specific videos with their friends on leading social networks such as facebook or twitter.

Content monetization
Using the WebTView Video Platform, content managers can create content packages and assign prices, business models and business rules such as geo-filtering. Supported content pricing models include: Pay-Per-View (PPV), subscription and advertising.
Financial parameters can be either ingested into the platform as part of the content ingestion process or defined by the content manager using the web-based content management application.


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