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CaptureCast Pro is dedicated Pro Audio/Visual hardware recording appliance and Do-It-Yourself recording solution to handle mission critical lecture capture and live streaming needs. CaptureCast Pro is built on a very flexible hardware and software stack along with smart Audio/Visual tools to manage each recorder, view a universal recording scheduler, complete video management library with video clipping, create smart recording templates, monitor live feeds, and a robust API to easily extend.

Create seamless record and upload work-flows into Kaltura with syndicated metadata mapping to Katura tags, categories, media owner, slides, chapters, multi-source video and more. All recordings are compatible with the MediaSpace and CaptureSpace player to provide multi-source perspectives playback and slide synchronization.

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We offer an enterprise grade hardware and DIY recorder solution for schools seeking a fully automated, and rich lecture capture and live streaming solution for Kaltura.
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