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cielo24 searchable captions™ delivers media data solutions for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, news and entertainment markets. Clients turn to us to improve their ROI for online media by extending reach, content discovery, SEO and equal access compliance

The cielo24 platform creates high quality, searchable media data from unstructured media including but not limited to indexes, transcripts and captions. Our specialty is delivering highly integrated, customized, scalable solutions for our clients at high quality, low cost and speed.

To learn more about how we can help provide searchable captions for your application, please contact your account rep or email us at
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cielo24 searchable captions™ offers the first completely automated captioning workflow! We can pass the savings on to our clients and offer reduced rates and fast turnaround time while providing high quality caption, index and transcript media data files. Find out more by contacting your Kaltura account rep or emailing,

-High quality, low cost captions within hours
-Captions, transcripts and indexes for low price
-Complete end-to-end automated workflow
-Integration with popular video platforms Including Kaltura Media Space
-No hidden fees
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