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From leading media and entertainment websites to talented individuals, Cleeng helps generate more revenue per visitor by offering Kaltura's clients the most advanced e-commerce platform for videos and live events.

Cleeng's award winning platform protects access to your videos, let consumers easily register and transact on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. You get extensive reporting, advanced promotional tools, and geo-restrictions.

Cleeng safeguards live concerts, sporting events, conferences, other videos, and traditional online publications and offers great flexibility with the use of pay-per-view, subscriptions, metered paywall, coupons, and user data questionnaires.

Cleeng works for many leading brands such as TEDMed, Cirque du Soleil, CondeNast, Epicurious, University of Massachusetts and hundreds of websites. Kaltura and Cleeng deliver the optimal Live streaming pay-per-view experience, as well as the flexible Video-on-Demand monetization tools (coupons, rentals, bundles, subscriptions...) for your video projects.
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Our closest competitors would be Eventbrite, for managing ticketing: simple interface, 2-minute setup, powerful tools, and a freemium model. They revolutionalized the ticketing industry, and challenges larger corporations like TicketMaster.

Cleeng delivers the same functionalities and ambition, for Live and VOD.
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Donald Res
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Commerce, Paywall and Payment Gateways
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