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Freeband Tech Ltd is a software solutions provider based in the UK.
Although focused on New Media technologies, where online broadcasting platforms take the prime spot, many other areas of expertise are covered, from small web sites to mobile applications, enterprise-class appliances and scalable VPS hosting.
At the very core of our company lies a team of experts whose combined experience spans over three decades.
The powerful and versatile Joomla framework takes center stage in most of our development work.
Freeband Tech Ltd.
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Systems & IT Manager
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United Kingdom

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No one. Although there is at least one mature UGC video solution for Joomla we are aware of, hwMediaShare (formerly hwVideoShare), it does not target the enterprise VOD niche Kajoo is aming at.
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Miguel Puig
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Integration Kits for Content Management Systems (CMS) and Blogging
Permission to include your name on our website & marketing materials?
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Nuno Zimas


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