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HapYak lets you easily add interactions to all your videos and provides analytics that measure engagement, lead intelligence and training, learning & conversion. Now video professionals can increase the impact of video and measure the strongest signals from their audience, interactions.

Quickly and easily add Calls-to-Action, Forms, Quizzes, Polls/Surveys, Links, Chapter Menus and Hot-Spots to your videos across all versions of the Kaltura player. Send viewer interaction data directly to Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and other Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, LMS.
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Customer Success Director
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Interlude / Rapt
HapYak fully integrates with Kaltura Player and MediaSpace. Our HTML5 interaction and data layer goes on top of the Kaltura player.
HapYak is best for scale, integration and analytics.
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Cass Sapir, support@hapyak.com, (617) 657-9953
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Interactive Video / Increasing Viewer Engagement
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James Lindberg, sales@hapyak.com, (617) 657-9953


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