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Display5 is a rich, powerful and easy to use web based digital signage solution that provides HTML5 features for media delivery as well as a complete content authoring tool with its Show creation module. Display5 is fully integrated into the Kaltura system.

Display5 allows any Kaltura media asset (video, audio, etc) or media player (designed in the Kaltura studio) and defined in the users account, to be linked and embedded inside the Display5, digital signage display module. Playback of the content is then controlled within the software, e.g. Duration of play, start/stop time of video and scheduled times for playback. As rich media assets are built within Kaltura’s system, they can easily be deployed as digital signage content within the Display5 digital signage system. The integration with Kaltura allows for media browsing and category browsing directly within the signage display module. Users can easily embed Kaltura content, as well as mix with many other media and content types, such as graphics images, text, tickers, Flash, Social network widgets, weather, RSS, news, stock quotes etc.

Like Kaltura’s software, the Display5 digital signage software is fully HTML5 open source software. Being HTML5 based provides:
• Easy integration to many other IT platforms that are HTML5 based
• Instantaneous updates of digital signage content across a local or global network
• Ultimate flexibility in system capabilities

Some of the other benefits of the Display5 digital signage solution include:

1. Display5 shows can run on a wide variety of players – Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS
2. Display5 does not require an end user license for each player in the digital signage network
3. Display5 is 100% browser based and compatible with a wide range of browsers

In addition to the Show authoring and display module, Display5 provides the following modules:

1. LDAP directory integration
2. SQL Server support – 2008 R2 – 2012 R2
3. Player Management: Ability to monitor a network of players around the globe from a central location (or any authorized location)
4. Advanced Emergency communication module
5. Call Centre integration module
6. Vidyo integration module
7. Kaltura integration module
8. Several other modules under development

The tight integration to Kaltura is one great reason to use Display5, but there are many more compelling reasons to deploy Display5 for your corporate digital signage software standard.
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We offer a Digital Signage solution.

There are many digital signage solution providers in the marketplace, We are unique with our 100% HTML5 platform, Open Source, charging model and of course are the only digital signage solution integrated into the Kaltura product line.
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