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IRIS.TV is a programmatic content delivery system that allows video publishers and content owners to generate more video views in a continuous playback experience. The software is designed to increase consumption and simplify operations for web and mobile video distribution, matching content based on audience preferences and user interactions. The company’s core product Adaptive Stream™ delivers relevant content in a television-like experience, personalized to each viewer’s interests.

How it works: Adaptive Stream™ increases video views by programming a personalized video stream for each viewer. Viewers watch longer, increasing total ad inventory and engagement with the video player. Large video archives become easily accessible to the user and generate more revenue for the publisher.

Our experienced team members have worked with a wide range of entertainment and technology companies including HBO, ABC, Viacom, Deluxe, Yahoo, NBC/UNI, Hulu, Sony Pictures, and Rubicon Project.

Specialties: Video Recommendation Software, Analytics, Video Strategy, Audience Engagement, Personalized Video Programming
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Co-Founder & COO
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1. Platform and device agnostic
2. Personalized recommendations for each individual viewer
3. In-stream and thumbnail recommendation capabilities
4. Non-traffic based - internal value add to publisher and viewership
5. Business rules controls giving editorial control to publisher and their team
6. >50% increase in total views
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Zac Stockton
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Interactive Video / Increasing Viewer Engagement
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Richie Hyden


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