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Leader Nexio is a leader in the delivery of comprehensive products and services designed to help organizations’ facilitate IT governance and compliance. At the heart of our success is experience and innovation. With each client opportunity, we endeavor to help clients move beyond traditional IT approaches and continuously improve their bottom line performance.

Our ultimate mission is to become our clients’ first choice in the delivery of world class products and services to our clients to help accelerate their business. To this end, Nexio offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT professional services and tools dedicated to our core mission of integrating people, processes, and technology.

A flagship product of Nexio, Vivé, redefine Live Webcasting by optimizing the synergy between technology, media and telecommunication. Our solution will answer the growing needs in communication for small, medium and large scale enterprises. Through an immersive user experience and its great flexibility, the Vivé Platform offers a unique and trend setting video communication experience.
Nexio Technologies
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Director, Internet TV Solutions - Vivé Platform
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Thompson Reuters (Canada)
Bell Startcast (Canada)
PQM (Quebec Only)

The Vivé platform is not just your standard webcast solution, but a real vision of what an Internet TV platform should be. Key differentiators include :

Unique immersive user experience, providing greater engagement and audience retention;
Multilingual platform;
Social Tools full-featured clients Integration;
Live HD webcasting to multiple devices and platforms;
and, a team with more than 14 years of experience in webcasting.
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Stephen Diamond,, 514-798-3707 ext. 6717
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Live and Broadcasting
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Manuel Angelini,, 514-284-9001 ext.6712


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