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Rapt Media offers a compelling alternative to engage employees and consumers, inspiring them to act. Our cloud-based interactive video platform helps drive deeper engagement, resulting in enhanced learning and faster behavior change.
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We consider our competitors to be Wirewax, Hapyak, Sunday Sky, Viddler, Vidyard, Touchcast. Our solution is different because it focuses on audiences in the middle and bottom of the funnel. Our solutions accelerate learning, training and successful behavior change. With Rapt Media, you can create user-controlled experiences with our branching technology.

By adding choices and interactivity to your video, you invite your employees and consumers to lean forward and participate. The act of participation deepens engagement, enhances learning, and accelerates behavior change. It also generates data. With every click of a button, you gain useful insights about your employees.
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Caleb Hanson
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Interactive Video / Increasing Viewer Engagement
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Greg Adamietz


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