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Founded in 2010, Rev is a San Francisco based company with the mission of making hiring freelance workers as simple and easy as purchasing an item from Amazon.

Our caption work is done end-to-end by a highly vetted domestic workforce. Rev invests a significant amount of time and effort in building great software that allows our freelancers to work quickly and effectively. This allows us to deliver high quality captions at an attractive price.
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Rev's primary competitors are:
- 3Play Media
- AutomaticSync Technologies
- Cielo24
- SpeakerText

Rev stands apart from its competitors based on:
- Quality: our captions are created solely by experienced, domestic captioners. Our competitors rely heavily on automation technology. We have heard from numerous customers who switched to Rev because of price and were delighted to find that our quality exceeds that of our competitors
- Service: we will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy
- Simplicity: all customers receive our same great service and price, regardless of how much they purchase
- Price: our rate of $1 / video minute is the lowest in the market.
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Den Markin,, (415) 279-7854
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Captions, Subtitles
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Chris Tyler,, (310) 595-5423


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