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Belldon is a privately owned company based in the north-east of England.
The company specialises in the production of apps for video content owners and producers.
The first of these apps is Quicktvpro, a service for you to add interactive features to your video. A suite of tools, including Hotspots, Images, Text, Voting, Annotations, Forms and more are easily deployed with all timing, styling and functionality under your complete control. It is for all vertical sectors, including training, education and entertainment as well as e-commerce.
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In proving the Quicktvpro service we aim to deliver:
- a broad range of interactive tools for both monetization and editorial enhancement,
- a powerful editor which puts you in complete control of exactly how you want these features to appear and function,
- a totally robust, intuitive environment which performs to standards expected by professionals,
- analytics to monitor viewer engagement and gather market intelligence.
This app is for video publishers who want to make their videos more engaging and accountable. it will deliver benefits in training, corporate communications, commercial and chartable productions.
It is positioned as a complete solution for viewer engagement.
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Craig Johnson 0044 (0)845 2994455
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Interactive Video / Increasing Viewer Engagement
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Tod Yeadon. tel 0044 (0)845 2994455


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