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Venturit is an Information Technology consulting firm based in East Lansing, Michigan. Venturit has extensive experience building web and mobile applications, including complex databases, for groups in the private and public sectors.

The Venturit team includes seven programmers, a designer, and two project managers. Venturit’s Chief Software Architect has over two decades of experience in the industry and its VP of Products has a PhD in Educational Psychology and Learning Technologies from Michigan State University. Venturit leverages technologies and frameworks, such as Ruby/ Ruby on Rails (ROR), Node.js, PHP/WordPress, Java/Spring, .NET/Spring.Net, Python/Django, JavaScript/JQuery, iOS and Android to develop applications.

The Venturit Approach
Venturit applications are interactive and social in a manner that is accessible, reflective of the complex nature of content and informed by theories of learning and design, consistent with the task at hand.

Our innovative technologies have supported projects in multiple domains and put the company on the cutting edge of new developments.
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Vice President, Products; Thearit Co-Founder
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Thearit Social CM is a social content management platform and public interface that enables you to curate, launch, engage, monitor, and measure campaign effectiveness.

We have developed a Thearit Social CM platform plugin for Kaltura, since Thearit can be the Social CM interface of Kaltura. Thearit uses the Kaltura platform to store media assets. Thearit public interfaces have great flexibility, since they can be embedded into LMSs and websites.
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Prabode Weebadde., 517-214-9014
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Interactive Video / Increasing Viewer Engagement
Permission to include your name on our website & marketing materials?
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Brian Collins., 517-775-6887


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