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Winnov is a technology leader in HD capture and streaming and maker of Cbox – the platform that evolves with customer needs. Cbox solutions provide organizations with a cost-effective way to easily capture and share rich media experiences. Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, training organizations, and government agencies rely on Cbox to create the most engaging live and on-demand video experiences for the web and mobile devices.
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Winnov's closest competitors include Sonic Foundry and Echo360. Specifically, Winnov's Cbox competes with each of these company's encoding hardware.

Cbox is easily the most advanced and flexible rich media capture appliance on the market. Some distinct advantages include the ability to:

- Schedule ad hoc and recurring recordings and live webcasts from Kaltura MediaSpace
- Support for a wide range of HD video and audio inputs
- Encode/stream practically any format/protocol
- Create multiple, independent recordings and live streams
- Real-time, metadata creation (used for chapters, thumbnails, and searchable text in the Kaltura Interactive Player)
- Produce 360 degree recordings for immersive experiences in Kaltura
- Automatically or manually upload multi-source videos directly to Kaltura MediaSpace channels

Winnov's deep integration with Kaltura enables customers a suite of capture technologies, a seamless and automated workflow, and provides viewers with enriched, multi-source video experiences.
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Joaquin Costa
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Encoding and Transcoding
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