Welcome to Kaltura Exchange
Video Solutions Marketplace
The Kaltura Exchange is the marketplace for video solutions and services that are complementary to the Kaltura Video Platform – be it add ons, plugins, standalone applications, interoperable services or specific integrations with other systems.
Kaltura Customers

Kaltura Customers

For ISVs and Developers
  • One place to quickly develop, market and sell your solutions to thousands of Kaltura customers and prospects
  • Easy to use API and Client Libraries enabling rapid integration with your existing solution
  • Unlimited Community support, sample code and elaborate documentation
  • Effective joint marketing and sales programs
  • Zero start-up cost

For Publishers and Service Providers
  • Drive and increase your revenue through Kaltura’s ecosystem of technology partners’ solutions
  • One place to find, evaluate, test, compare and chose innovative solutions to fit your business needs
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel - save money by leveraging solutions and services that have already been created
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